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Library is not restricted to books but its in modern time called an Information Centre

"Books are the keys to the door of light and knowledge. Use it as much as you can" !


The school library started with only 200 books, inaugurated by Lotus hands of Pujya Bapuji himself.


At present, the school library has nearly about 2000 books covering A-Z subjects with selected books to prepare students for Academic competitions like Quiz, Music, Drawing, Essay writing and Debate etc. and also for competitive exams like Olympiad, NTSE etc. Students are provided with daily english and hindi newspapers and magazines like India Today,Hindustan Times etc. as well as periodicals to up-date their knowledge. We also have all four vedas, upnishads and all literature from Pujya Bapuji. 

Our library also makes our students aware of the dates of various common entrance exams for professional courses by displaying notices on the bulletin boards put up in the library. Current affairs, latest updates on various subjects are also included in these boards. Students are also encouraged to display their original articles, good thoughts on the notice boards inside the library. 


Teachers select the popular books by well known authors are viewed daily in the Newspapers and accordingly are purchased for the library for the benefit of the students. Librarians are also pay a great roll in that selection .

Today we have entered the IT Age and Computers are also used in our Libraries.Hence, books are our best friends, which always lead to human progress. 

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