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OASIS report of Sant Sri Asaramji Gurukul, Indore

Above is the link provided to you to see the detail of our Gurukul which is reported to CBSE. Last year, in 2016 CBSE had asked to provide the detail of all CBSE schools. This has been updated recently on 25/09/2017.


Motivational Article by Ms. Taranjeet

Make things possible

If you can hold the grain of sand in your hand ,

 if you can pace with time in its stand ,

if fairy of luck has blessed you with her wand , 

then my dear success will be in your hands.

God has gifted up his beautiful life to do something extra ordinary and great. 

 “The essence of life in an activity adventure and struggle” . 

We all want to achieve success but very few agree to shun the comfort of life.

 Nothing is impossible in this world which a man cannot achieve. 

It has been well said,  “impossible lies in the dream of weak and lazy”.

 As long as we live, we face ups and downs in our life and those who are not disappointed by failure don't lose their hearts and who are always ready to struggle are the ULTIMATE WINNER .

The world record of yesterday are being shattered  today and the records being set today are likely to be shattered in future.there are hundreds of examples where impossible looking goals have been achieved. 

Hard work, concentration and confidence are three secrets of success.

 We never prepare ourselves to win, we fear to lose. 

Success is not  reserved for successful only. It can be purchased by one who is strong enough to endure the most discouraging experiences. 

Your faith, will and determination can move mountains.

 If you want to be a winner, dare to dream and make everything possible.